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Using skills-based routing for even better support to fee earners in your firm

If you have a large business support team, it can be difficult to maintain complex workflows. In an ideal world, your team would be able to streamline fee earner support requests to the support staff...

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Using phone support to improve efficiency of business support teams

When it comes to phone support, the reality is that every team has to make the best possible use of ...

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5 Questions to ask fee earners in order to improve your business support

Law firms are very busy environments, and can be stressful too at times. Feedback and...

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What is FEx?

FEx is what we are terming as Fee Earner Experience. Our solution is all about improving fee earner...

Clear dashboard to assist business support teams

“I love the personal view of my active tickets that helps me manage my workload more efficiently” - member of Business Support team from My Business Counsel...

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A simple portal for lawyers to monitor progress of tasks

The iTasks portal is designed with simplicity of use and understanding in mind. Each