What is FEx?


FEx is what we are terming as Fee Earner Experience.

Our solution is all about improving fee earner experience, something that we are referring to as FEx. Improving the fee earner experience will ultimately improve the service that your lawyers can offer their clients, as they are more focused on fee earning and client delivery, rather than managing the admin tasks that they have provided to the Business Support teams.

The iTasks solution will improve your firms FEx by:

  • Ensuring that essential information about the task is collected quickly and efficiently;
  • Fee earners' can monitor progress of their tasks from desktop or any mobile device; and
  • Fee earners’ can instruct Business Support from any device or computer and on the go

Key Metrics

The key metrics that will feed back to management that the FEx is improving could be amongst other variables:

  • LSAT – Lawyer satisfaction ratings. Once a support request is actioned and closed, an automatic question is able to be included as to the level of service received. If there is a certain support request that is consistently receiving a low score, this will allow management to identify that there is an issue or confliction in respect of that particular workflow.
  • SLA’s - SLA’s are built into the solution and can be bespoke to your firms requirements. Providing support based on service levels ensures that the business support is measured and predictable, which in overall will improve the staff and fee earner experience.

To learn more about FEx and how iTasks can work with your firm to provide such improvements and efficiencies, contact us now at [email protected] to arrange a demo.

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