Here's how we work
(to help you work better)

Your firm is unique. As are your targets, objectives and challenges. No matter how complex your operations, regardless as to whether you’re ready for drastic change, or need a slow and sustained pace of transformation, we’ll work the way you do. We think of it as a partnership.

We’re with you at every stage of your journey


First, we learn. We explore your current solution and way of working. Ask about your challenges. Discover what’s draining time, understand your business goals and requirements.


Next, we build – creating a solution from the ground-up that meets your needs and delights your support staff and fee earners.


Prepare your firm for a successful go-live, including providing a comprehensive training programme.


As your law firm evolves, your needs change. iTasks can help you reconfigure and fine-tune the solution, so we stay in step with your firm - no matter how you change or grow.


Ensure the project stays on track as well as work within your firm to manage change and mitigate potential risks

Benefits of partnering with iTasks

Get up and running quickly

We’ll work with you to implement a solution for your firm that delivers results — we do the heavy lifting so you can reduce time-to-value and deploy with confidence.

Build a roadmap to success

We are not hear to simply deliver you a solution and wave goodbye. Our goal is to work with you to continue to develop lean processes and solutions for your firm to drive further efficiency.

Turn your team into experts

We empower your teams with training so that you’re equipped with the product knowledge to run a smooth operation. Through our online academy and onsite workshops, we offer flexible options to fit your needs.